Beyond the Black

Glory, glory, Hallelujah

Nastasha take a note. If I die in this race, remind me to kill Simon.

Because he set me up to race it.

The Comet Race. Weren’t you even paying attention?

Well pay attention. We are currently on an unpronounceable ship flying sunward. We will be coming near Luna about the same time a comet comes close. Myself and four other pilots will be racing each other.

Why are we on the ship? We have spent almost a week on this ship mainly just socialising and getting accustomed to our morphs. Denar has been helping me act properly and being social whereas Cypher got his first biomorph and proceeded to get handed around a rock band like space reefer. Oh, there were a couple of guys from Pathfinder who want me to throw the race so that I can get my black mark removed.

No I’m not going to throw the race. Fuck those guys, they took my ship, I’m going to win.

I don’t care what you have heard before. I will win.

Yes, we will see.

Simon? yeah he sent me a message on the Scum Barge to meet him in Olympus.

Yes, it is that Simon. When we met he told me that I owe him. I disagreed but we came to a conclusion that we should both make some credits. After the meeting he got up and ran. So, I did as well and Cypher and Denar may have done the same thing.

Tail? Yeah, it is pretty cool right. Look what I can do.

It’s not useless. Anyway I got the tail from MIKE’S CUSTOM MORPHS in Olympus’ HLS. While we were there, Denar made some business deals and Cypher tried to shadow us. Must have been amusing for anyone nearby. They both did some other business around Olympus. Oh and Denar met a guy called Remeal, I confirmed afterwards that he was a Firewall contact. We may have several jobs coming up. Something about the Jovian Junta and another about Luna. Before you ask, I don’t know the details.

Because I wanted a tail. Anyway, after a conversation I had with Cypher, I let Firewall know that he can’t be trusted yet. Apparently, so did Denar. Cypher seems to be sympathetic to the Seed AI’s. Not good. We may need to DNF him.

Because, look what it can do.

I didn’t drop my gun, you are imagining things.

Shut up! That’s why!



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