Dr Nancy Du Haart

expert on nanomanufacturing


Dr Haart is an expert on nanomanufacturing and automated production. After her Ph.D. in nanotechnology at MIT she could have gained a cosy job in any hypercorp, but she wanted to see the world. She joined the colony program to see as much of the solar system she could, even if that meant she had to repair fabbers and reprogram faulty assembler sheets. Her interest in seeing new places likely saved her during the Fall, placing her far outside the danger zones of the inner system. After things calmed down she moved to Europa where her sweetheart lives. A few years back she got a juicy offer from JRNRA; after some soul searching she decided it was the right thing to do and joined the organisation.

She is a heavy set woman with inexhaustible energy. She has a charming “pet”, a digital lifeform she calls Cackle

Dr Nancy Du Haart

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