Hotel California

Orbit: Earth-Luna L4
Station Type: Beehive/Dome
Allegiance: Independent (Brinker)
Primary Languages: Bengali, Hindi
Major Industries: None

Asteroid 4113 Calif was a large iron and basalt rock caught in a tadpole orbit around the EarthLuna L4 point. Those valuable minerals made it an appealing prospect, and several Earth nations cooperated to establish a mining outpost there, one of the first extraplanetary operations successfully attempted. It was a no-frills operation, a simple domed settlement for the workers and a small launch pad where shuttles could drop off supplies and pick up ore. When the Fall came, the mine was shut down and the asteroid abandoned.

Shortly after the Fall, a refugee transport vessel suffered a catastrophic life support failure. Lacking other options, the ship dumped hundreds of excess refugees into life rafts and pointed them at the asteroid. Most of these were lucky enough to make it and find shelter within the abandoned station, where they had power, air, heat, and some water from ice blocks on the asteroid’s far side. Despite assertions they would be rescued, no one ever came. For two years the refugees survived at a subsistence level, until a Consortium patrol craft investigated a light beacon the survivors had activated. Though given an option to leave, many opted to stay. When word of the settlement reached other refugees in cramped conditions on board other habitats, some took desperate measures to make their way to the asteroid. The residents of Hotel California welcomed them with open arms, and the colony grew.

When a mining hypercorp returned to the asteroid to re-open the mine, they found a large community of squatters who were not at all impressed with their claim to the asteroid. An initial attempt to evict the squatters was met with an armed response. The hypercorp is currently analyzing the cost-benefit ratio of pursuing the issue further.

Dubbed Hotel California by the residents, after an old song about a hotel where the visitors never leave, this station is notable as a brinker haven right at the heart of transhuman space. The colony has no egocasting facilities, nor do the residents desire any, so the only way to reach it is by standard physical means. Ships rarely visit here, and few people leave. The local mesh is very limited, and the few meager fabbers, some leftover from the life rafts, are held in common trust. The site is primarily notable as an area useful for lying low and going underground. Firewall suspects that several wanted individuals have made their way here, to live in anonymity and isolation.

The Hotel is currently Managed by Cristopher Demonett

Hotel California

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