A small, dedicated company in the survival business.

Services: Secure backup hosting with infomorph virtualization and transmission services upon resurrection. If the conditions for resurrection come true, customer egos are reinstantiated in the computer systems of the habitat. There they have a chance to get reacquainted with current conditions and make a decision to what to do next. As one of the services the corporation will supply a certain number of credits (guaranteed against a portfolio of stable stocks, natural
resources and long-yield reputations).

Minimum contract: One backup, resurrection upon bodyloss. 24h revirtualisation and
egocasting to other habitat.

Basic contract: Quarterly backups, resurrection upon bodyloss. 1 month virtualisation,
2000 creds and egocasting included.

Silver contract: monthly backups, resurrection conditions specified by user. 5 years of
virtualization, 5000 creds and egocasting included.

Gold contract: monthly backups, resurrection conditions open to specification by user.
New ID and 5000 creds upon virtualisation on self-owned dedicated physical machine
with independent power supply. Egocasting included if desired.


Beyond the Black questionable