Station Type: Cluster and Torus
Allegiance: Hypercorp ( ExoTech)
Primary Languages: English, Mandarin, Serbian
Population: 50,000

Located in the middle of the Belt, Starwell is the headquarters of ExoTech, one of the most common and well-known names among high-end electronics, mind emulation software, and mesh presence systems.

Starwell’s primary component is a large torus habitat. Most of the bureaucratic offices and residential quarters are located here, in the more pleasant gravitational environment, along with any research facilities that require simulated gravity. Close to 40,000 permanent residents call Starwell home, though a significant percentage of these are infomorphs and AGIs.

The second section of Starwell is a large, microgravity cluster habitat, composed of modules of
varying shapes, sizes, and purposes. This is where most of the station’s R&D takes place, carefully guarded with safety protocols that include virtual sandboxes, air-gapped systems, and offensive firewalls. Despite the speculation, it is likely that the research conducted here represents only a small fraction of the corp’s ongoing initiatives; most of their projects are
carefully secreted away in hidden and well guarded stations throughout the solar system.


Beyond the Black questionable