Station Type: Beehive and Cluster
Allegiance: Autonomist Alliance (Mixed)
Primary Languages: English, Korean, Mandarin
Population: 350,000

Split between a plateau beehive and an orbital cluster, Thoroughgood is an autonomist station run on anarcho-collectivist lines. Thanks to the Long Array, however, Thoroughgood is a cosmopolitan hab, with various groups maintaining enclave presences here. There are reps and offices for a dozen of the more important hypercorps, including an entire division of Nimbus that rents access time from the Long Array partnership. Other enclaves represent the Titanians, Extropians, Lunars, and argonauts. Even the Jovians maintain a small and impressively detachment here, though they mostly keep to themselves. The Array has also attracted a couple of less organized groups, including a number of anarchist hacker groups. There are occasional flare ups between the hypercorps and the anarchists, but most parties steer away from overt trouble.

Though all of the factions have legitimate uses for the Array, signals intelligence is what really interests them. Codebreaking is a competitive industry here, as various groups take the encrypted communications recorded by the Array and attempt to crack them. Some of the parties here have established impressive quantum computing and processing power resources simply to brute-force codes. Some of these simply collect data for their own intel archives, others actively publicize what they crack. The most notable anarchist hacker collective, the Laughing Squids, have embarrassed both the Morningstar Constellation and several of the hypercorps by releasing decrypted communications to the mesh from their crypto operations on Dione.

The encryption and decryption research going on here possibly make Dione the center for crypto in the known universe. This goes both ways, so if you need some good encryption or a cipher you can use to communicate with your intelligence operatives, this is the place to get it.
All of this combines to make Thoroughgood a very weird place. In public, everyone is exceeding polite and studiously oblivious to others, but paranoid to an extreme in private. Many factions send their most promising intelligence assets to Thoroughgood as a sort of finishing school for operatives. If you have training and experience in these areas, going freelance on Dione is a clear path to success. Taking care of the more mundane needs of the various political and hypercorp enclaves is another significant industry on Thoroughgood. People willing to inhabit flats and to act as servants and entertainers to the Jovian enclave are in particularly high demand, and if you want to make a little extra money on the side once you’re on the inside, drop me a line.


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