Capitalism is no longer the only economy in town. The development of nanofabricators allowed for the existence of post-scarcity economies, a fact eagerly taken advantage of by anarchist factions and others. When anyone can make anything, concepts like property and wealth become irrelevant. The advent of functional gift and communist economies, among other alternative economic models, means that in such systems you can acquire any goods or services you need via free exchange, reciprocity, or barter—presuming you are a contributing member of such a system and respected by your peers. Likewise, art, creativity, innovation, and various forms of cultural expression have a much higher worth than they do in capitalist economies.

In alternative economies, money is often meaningless, but reputation matters. Your reputation score represents your social capital—how esteemed you are to your peers. Rep can be increased by positively influencing, contributing to, or helping individuals or groups, and it can be decreased through antisocial behavior. In anarchist habitats, your likelihood of obtaining things that you need is entirely based on how you are viewed by others.

Reputation is easily measured by one of several online social networks. Your actions are rewarded or punished by those with whom you interact, who can ping your Rep score with positive or negative feedback. These networks are used by all of the factions, as reputation can affect your social activities in capitalist economies as well. The primary reputation networks include:

  • The @-list: the Circle-A list for anarchists, Bar- soomians, Extropians, scum, and Titanians, noted as @-rep.
  • CivicNet: used by the Jovian Republic, Lunar- Lagrange Alliance, Morningstar Constellation, Planetary Consortium, and many hypercorps, referred to as c-rep.
  • EcoWave: used by nano-ecologists, preservation- ists, and reclaimers, referred to as e-rep.
  • Fame: the seen-and-be-seen network used by socialites, artists, glitterati, and media, referred to as f-rep.
  • Guanxi: used by the triads and numerous crimi- nal entities, referred to as g-rep.
  • The Eye: used by Firewall, noted as i-rep.
  • RNA: Research Network Affiliation, used by ar- gonauts, technologists, scientists, and researchers, referred to as r-rep.

Depending on your background and faction, you may start with a Rep score in one or more networks. This can be bolstered through spending customization points during character creation. During game play, your Rep scores will depend entirely on your character’s actions. For more information, see Reputation and Social Networks, p. 285.

Note that each Rep score is tied to a particular identity.


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