The Exsurgent Virus

Only very few people (or entities) who survived the diaspora from Earth know of the true reasons and the catalyst that culminated in the Fall. The alien Exsurgent virus—as those aware of its existence within Firewall call it—is something beyond transhumanity’s understanding; something far more complex than just a computer virus. Though some strains of the Exsurgent virus have been identified and various types of infected exsurgents have been encountered, it is widely assumed that these are creations of the TITANs. Largely defeated and eradicated from off-Earth transhuman networks thanks to the efforts of the Prometheans, occasional breakouts of the Exsurgent virus still occur, primarily due to scavengers or others becoming infected when messing with old relics from the Fall.

Plethora Of Strains

The Exsurgent virus is unlike anything that transhumanity has ever encountered so far. While it bears similarities with both computer and biological virii in regards to infection of hosts and propagation, it is not bound by any limits of form or transmission vector.

The Exsurgent virus is amazingly effective and infectious. As an information virus, it is highly intelligent and adaptive, able to mutate into new forms. Much like certain virii are able to cross species boundaries or change their vector from contact to airborne, it is also a self-morphing omnivirus, capable of altering itself and its transmission vectors to bypass infection safeguards. Like a retrovirus that incorporates genetic information into the genome of the target cell to subvert the cell to do its bidding, the Exsurgent virus does the same but on a more complex level. It is also known to rewrite a host’s neural code in a similar manner, in effect restructuring the target’s mind and personality.

While it began as a digital computer virus it has transformed to be communicable via at least three other forms: biological nanovirus, nanoplague, and basilisk hack.

The Exsurgent Virus

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